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SES 7 and SUSE Global Services: A Perfect Pairing


It’s no surprise that data is the most valuable commodity you have.  After all, with the right data, you can personalize your services to meet your customer’s exact needs – virtually leapfrogging your competition.  And with the rate of which data is growing, why wouldn’t you invest in a Software Defined Storage (SDS) solution.   After all, SDS provides your business with greater flexibility, efficiency and faster scalability – and at the same time being extremely budget-friendly.

Announcing SUSE Enterprise Storage 7

With the recent announcement of SUSE Enterprise Storage (SES) 7, SUSE enhanced our SDS solution and provides enterprises with a simple to manage, agile, and containerized storage infrastructure with increased speed of delivery, durability, and reliability.  By implementing SES 7, SUSE customers can accelerate innovation, reduce costs, and alleviate proprietary hardware lock-in.   And, SES 7  is a versatile, flexible, and robust software-defined storage solution that runs on widely available industry-standard hardware.

The End of Support (is Near)

With the release of SES 7, SUSE will be ending support for SES 5.5 in January. So, you may be asking, what do I do if I’m on SES 5.5?  How and when do I migrate?  The good news here is two-fold – first and foremost, SES 7 offers benefits that far outweigh running on the now unsupported SES 5.5 and second, SUSE Global Services has the technical teams to help migrate you with ease.  Let’s talk about these factors.

SES 7 Benefits

With the release of SUSE Enterprise Storage 7, we have simplified the deployment and management of your cluster even more than before!  Here’s why migrating makes sense:

  • Simplified cluster deployment and management using a new deployment process, following the best practices of the community. These tools replace DeepSea and make for a complete experience – meaning that you will be able to easily replicate and install your cluster configuration across sites.
  • Containerized deployments via Rook letting you deploy your clusters on top of SUSE Container as a Service Platform (CaaSP). This lets you consume and manage your cluster alongside your CaaSP cluster.
  • Ability to access RBDs directly in Windows through the Windows RBD Support. This means that when you need to access block storage on a Windows client without creating alternate gateways.
  • Simplified and enhanced Ceph dashboard allowing direct monitoring and management functionality.

SUSE Services is Here to Help

Ready to get started?  The best part is that SUSE Global Services is here to help.  As your partner, our team will make migration to this new enhanced version a breeze.

Let’s start with a Discovery Service session.  During this session, we will review your current architecture and discuss your business and IT objectives.  We will then discuss how SES 7 can best benefit YOUR business.  We’ll work with you to develop a high-level roadmap so that you can rest assured knowing that you have a clear technical and business path to move to SES 7.

For instance, if you are a Windows consumer of block storage, we will discuss with you how moving to the new RBD model could greatly improve performance.   Or we could talk to you about how we could best incorporate the new features of SES 7 so that your “Day 2” operations really take advantage of all SES 7 offers in terms of automation.  Regardless of where you currently are with SES 5.5, a SUSE Discovery Service will:

  • Review your business objectives
  • Align your business and IT goals
  • Provide a high-level roadmap to get to your desired outcome

After the Discover session, SUSE Consulting can talk to you about the rest of your journey and how we can help.  From Discovery to Design and Deployment to Optimization, partnering with SUSE will lead to confident, success deployments.

Ready to Get Started?

The SUSE Services Customer Journey accelerates your successful implementation.  Additional service offerings, such as SUSE Select Services and SUSE Premium Support Services, continue to keep your solutions healthy and lead to a performant environment.

For more information on the SUSE Customer Journey and SUSE Global Services, visit

**Special attribution goes to Steve Becht for assistance in writing this blog post.**


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