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Selling SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop to Small Businesses


Need help convincing your small-business clients to make the switch to SLED? Here are some talking points to help you make your case.

Bottom-up Redesign. Novell’s engineers went back to the drawing board when designing the new SLED, and their efforts have really paid off. Every new feature is thoughtful, user-friendly, and designed for maximum efficiency.

Across-the-Board Critical Acclaim. So far, this version of SUSE has earned raved reviews, even from the hard-to-please community of anti-corporate refuseniks. Technology analysts at every point on the ideological spectrum agree that this platform is a huge step forward.

Dramatically Reduced Licensing Costs. Why throw away thousands of dollars every year on the out-of-control licensing costs imposed by other companies? Wouldn’t that money be better spent on marketing, capital investments, or other growth-oriented expenditures?

Effortless OS Migration. The newest version allows users to switch between Windows and Linux applications with no hassle, eliminating longstanding concerns about compatibility with Office documents and other standard formats.

The Most User-Friendly Linux-Based Desktop to Date. SLED’s sleek, intuitive interface dispels with any lingering perception that Linux apps are only suitable for hardcore techies. This system is user-friendly enough for anyone to be able to navigate with ease and confidence.

Unbeatable Value. Unlike other desktop environments that require costly add-ons to achieve full functionality, SLED lets you get to work right out of the box with a robust array of bundled applications and productivity software.

Cutting-Edge Virtualization. SLED will help put your business at the forefront of the virtualization trend, positioning you for easy upgrades to future applications in this arena.

How have you sold SLED to your small business customers? Comment with your most effective talking points.

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