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Secure DevOps Platform with Sysdig and SUSE Rancher


Sysdig Secure DevOps for SUSE Rancher can help you secure your build pipeline and manage your cloud native application landscape with confidence.  SUSE is committed to delivering innovative, enterprise solutions with great partners, like Sysdig, that empower customers to overcome their technical challenges.


SUSE - Sysdig Secure DevOps


The modern application landscape is cloud native.  It leverages container technologies, like Kubernetes, and can span from core to cloud to edge and beyond.  Cloud native delivers unprecedented scale and agility, enabling organizations to implement collaborative CI/CD workflows that speed innovation and deliver value faster.  Securing this cloud native environment requires unique considerations that legacy tools are simply not designed to address, leaving organizations to struggle with lack of visibility and increased risk of vulnerabilities.  


With Sysdig Secure DevOps for SUSE Rancher you have the tools you need to: 

Streamline landscape management

Simplify deployment and management of your multi-cluster, Kubernetes application landscape from core to cloud to edge, united with centralized authentication, access control, and observability.

Secure the build pipeline

Automate scanning within CI/CD pipelines and registries, efficiently flag vulnerabilities, and prevent deployment of vulnerable images.

Detect and respond to runtime threats

See all threats with Falco, the open standard for detection, prevent lateral movement with Kubernetes network policies, and conduct incident response using detailed logs.

Continuously manage cloud posture and compliance

Save time with out-of-the-box policies for PCINISTSOC2, etc.  Identify misconfigurations and compliance violations, and measure progress with detailed reports.

Monitor containers, Kubernetes, and cloud services

Monitor performance and capacity, accelerate troubleshooting using granular data, and scale Prometheus monitoring across clusters and clouds.


Want to learn more?  Begin your explorations here, then reach out to SUSE or Sysdig to discuss how Sysdig Secure DevOps for SUSE Rancher can help you build and operate your cloud native application landscape with confidence. 


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