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Fortunately, the OpenSuSE technical support team is very unique. The issues we face on a day to day basis vary enough to keep the job very interesting. However, it becomes visible after some time, a lot of issues, although different on the surface, are actually usually connected in some way to something deeper. Often, tips or tricks, written in the SDB are therefore applicable to a number of differing issues. Here is my top ten list of articles I suggest most customers who have problems read.

  • Intel-HDA sound problems:
  • Howto repair boot manager Grub on opensuse 10.3:
  • Windows partition not mounting:
  • Realtek 8169 driver problem:
  • SATA Hard Drive Not Found on Fujitsu-Siemens Scaleo E Computer:
  • Registration issues:
  • Problems with printer installation, YaST crashes:
  • CD not found problem:
  • Problems with initial installation screen:
  • Black screen after installation startup:
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