SAP Enqueue-Replication High Availability on AWS Virtual Private Cloud powered by SUSE Linux Enterprise Sever for SAP Applications 12


SUSE architects have improved the cluster architecture to be fully compatible with the updated SAP certification for SAP NetWeaver cluster integration. SAP released this updated SAP certification under the name NW-HA CLU 740. SUSE passed this certification on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 for both Intel X64 and IBM Power little endian platforms. SUSEs cluster architecture is now “SAP certified – Integration with SAP NetWeaver”. You can implement this cluster solution on bare-metal, virtualized and public cloud systems such as Amazon Web Services.

A team of AWS and SUSE architects have written a brand new best practice guide to help customers implement the new NW-HA CLU 740 cluster architecture and to achieve the following goals:

  • Integration of the cluster with the SAP start framework sapstartsrv to ensure that maintenance procedures do not break the cluster stability
  • SAP Rolling Kernel Switch (RKS) awareness
  • Standard SAP installation to improve support processes

The best practice guide is available at

The cluster resides in one AWS region. You should stretch the cluster over multiple availability zones. This concept reduces the chance of a complete failure. The guide explains the needed steps required in AWS virtual private cloud as well as the configuration and setup of the SUSE cluster framework.

As always it is a good principle to design clusters to be as simple as possible to mitigate operational errors. Testing of the complete setup as well as expected scenarios and behaviors is crucial.

As a starting point the guide also describes to test the AWS specific cluster resource agents manually.

Download the setup guide today and start your project with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications 12 on AWS virtual private cloud.

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