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SAP and SUSE: Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait



SAP and SUSEWhen you think of iconic duos, what comes to your mind?
Tom and Jerry, Ernie and Bert, Batman and Robin, Snoop Dogg and weed, rum and coke, fish and chips? Not bad! You missed one though. A really important one. The Mac and Cheese among the software world: SAP and SUSE.

The start of a great partnership

It all began when nearly 20 years ago, SAP and SUSE decided to partner up. Hence, for the last 15 years, SUSE has been migrating customers to SAP. As SAP HANA was developed from the ground up using SUSE Linux Enterprise, 90% of SAP HANA customers run on SUSE. And that’s not all: In total, 70% of SAP applications that use Linux, run on SUSE.

But why is SUSE the best option for SAP?

Well, with SUSE, deploying SAP HANA takes hours instead of days, plus, with SAP-optimized High Availability patches, SUSE can help customers to minimize downtime as well as provide disaster recovery and data security solutions.

And that’s why..

SAP and SUSE are simply a perfect match! That’s probably also why SUSE is referred to as the trusted and preferred open source platform for SAP customers that want to unlock data intelligence, drive innovation and run with the best. As SAP and SUSE have been driving co-innovation to adapt and innovate faster, customers can gain and sustain competitive advantages.

Wait.. What?


You don’t believe it? Sounds like a fairytale?

But it’s real! Check out our SUSE SAP Customer Success Stories. There you can find 174 recent customer stories that leverage SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications to run SAP HANA and/or SAP NetWeaver. Among the customers are e.g. IBM, Lenovo, Cisco, HPE, Fujitsu and Huawei.

Lenovo trusts SAP and SUSE

To give you an example: Lenovo’s China division had troubles with its aging infrastructure and thus, business critical SAP applications – which were needed to manage practically every element of Lenovo’s operation and finances – could no longer be supported. However, with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications, Lenovo was able to take back control of its IT development strategy. Further, with SUSE Manager, patching and system upgrades were automated which completely eliminated the need to manually build and maintain patch processes.

But not only big companies benefit from SAP and SUSE

Additionally, we have 142 SAP B1 HANA stories that tell you about how SUSE and SAP Business One changed and improved SME’s businesses. For example, the Mexican designer and manufacturer of machinery, Industrias Rochin, implemented SAP Business One and SUSE to have more insights into its production processes. As a result, Industrias Rochin was able to increase its sale by 82.78% while saving 13% of operating costs.

You see, SAP and SUSE make a great team! To check out more incredible stories, click here.

SAP and SUSE – a guarantee for success. Can you name a more iconic duo? I’ll wait…



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