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Revving up for the OpenStack Summit in Boston


The Boston OpenStack Summit is just around the corner and it’s time to accelerate your journey to an open source cloud infrastructure.

Every organization is looking for the agility, innovation and faster time to value to deal with today’s rapidly changing business challenges. Why not plan a pit stop at booth B6 and talk to the SUSE engineers and experts. They’ll be there to help you tune-up for your cloud strategy and get the best performance from your OpenStack environment.

Free SUSE OpenStack training

We all know the importance of keeping our technology skills sharp and up to date. In market research commissioned by SUSE, IT professionals called how important this was to their business and for their own career prospects.  Why not join us for 2 days of free training while you’re in Boston?  The course is spread across three days to make it easier to attend other sessions. It’s designed for systems administrators and prepares you to take and pass the Certified OpenStack Administrator (COA) exam.

SUSE Sessions

Here are some of the sessions SUSE will be presenting.  Why not take a look at the links below and add some to your summit schedule?

Monday, May 8th

2:00-2:40 pm  

OpenStack is Also Open to Chip Architecture. See How ARM64 Based Chips Can Add Value

Simon Briggs, SUSE

Level 3 – Ballroom B


2:00-2:40 pm  

Running a Scientific Application on an OpenStack Cloud

Nicolas Bock, SUSE; Christian Negre, University of Cordoba

Level 3 – MR 311


2:50-3:30 pm   

What’s Going on in OpenStack? Learn About the Community Generated Roadmap!

Pete Chadwick, SUSE; Shamail Tahir, athenaHealth; Kenny Johnston, OSIC

Level 3 – MR 302


2:50-3:30 pm    

Project Update – Designate

Graham Hayes, SUSE

Level 2 – MR 203


4:40-5:20 pm    

The Future for OpenStack Distributions

Pete Chadwick, SUSE; Mark Smith, SUSE

Level 2 – MR210


Tuesday, May 9th

12:10-12:45 pm   

Get Me a Network: From Boot to Woot!

Armando Migliaccio, SUSE; Matt Riedemann, Huawei

Level 3 – Ballroom C


2:00–2:40 pm        

Successfully Redefining a Vendor-Customer Relationships in a DevOps World

Adam Spiers, SUSE; Marc Koderer, SAP

Level 3 – MR 312


2:50-3:30 pm 

High Availability for Instances: Moving to a Converged Upstream Solution

Adam Spiers, SUSE; Sampath Priyankara, NTT

Level 2 – MR 207


Wednesday, May 10th

9:50-10:30 am   

Project Update – Neutron

Armando Migliaccio, SUSE; Kevin Benton, Mirantis

Level 2 – MR 203


11:00-11:10 am   

Non-Native English Speakers in the OpenStack Community: A True Story

Masayuki Igawa, SUSE; Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz, SUSE; Dong Ma, HPE

Level 2 – MR 206


2:40-3:20 pm

Being a Project Team Lead (PTL): The Good, the Bad and the Ugly

Armando Migliaccio, SUSE; Steve Martinelli, IBM; Matt Riedemann, Huawei

Level 2 – MR 207


3:30-4:10 pm    

Neutron port Binding and impact of unbound ports on DVR Routers with FloatingIP

Swaminathan Vasudevan, SUSE; Brian Haley, Red Hat

Level 3 – MR304/306


Thursday, May 11th

2:20-3:00 pm  

Project Update: Trove

Nikhil Manchanda, SUSE; Amrith Kumar

Level 2 – MR 203


4:10-4:50 pm  

Security Hardening: PCI DSS and Security Compliance with Keystone

Samuel de Medeiros Queiroz, SUSE

Level 3 – MR 311


SUSE is hiring

In case you are looking for your next challenge, SUSE has over 120 vacancies right now. These include OpenStack Cloud developers, engineers, and product management roles. Why not stop by to talk to us at booth B6?


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