Review: OpenSUSE 10.1


Joe Barr has posted a great review of SUSE Linux 10.1 on He takes us through ease of installation, the much software available, and discusses Xgl. He shares his experience with running it on his laptop. He also mentions a known bug with the updater. All in all, it’s a nicely-written review.


“OpenSUSE 10.1 is an incremental improvement over its predecessors, but many users will experience Glx sight-effects on their own desktop for the first time with 10.1, so for them, 10.1 will be anything but incremental: it’ll be incredible.”

“At least at first it will be. Glx’s spinning-cube, translucent, quivering windows grow tiresome after awhile. But geeks like bright and shiny things, so I’m predicting a big surge in the popularity of openSUSE as a result of this release, bugs and all.”

“With openSUSE 10.1, Novell has embraced and extended its role as the leading desktop distribution. Given the amount of eye-popping eye candy and playtime 3-D effects available on this desktop, it’s easy to forget that Novell is all about bringing Linux to the corporate — not the home — desktops. Yes, the money is all in the server market these days, but after the revolution Linux will inherit its rightful share of desktops, too.”

Read the entire review here.

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