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Recovering GRUB after being overwritten by Windows


ENVIRONMENT: Novell Linux Desktop (SP1, SP2, SPx).
WindowsXP, Windows2000.
NLD/WinXP dual-boot installation on the same machine.

PROBLEM: How to recover NLD/WinXP dualboot installation if a subsequent WinXP setup has overwritten your grub loader with the Windows boat loader?

SOLUTION: Here are the details to put grub back in charge again instead of the Windows boot loader.

1. Start NLD installation from NLDSPx-CD

2. Choose your Yast2 language (e.g. English, US) –> Accept

3. Select your Default Desktop (e.g. Gnome) –> Accept

4. Write down your Linux Partitioning Information

In my case it was:

    /dev/hda6 8.9GB (for / with reiser)
    /dev/hda5 1.0GB (for swap)

5. Abort NLD Installation –> Abort

6. Reboot to the NLDSPx-CD and choose ‘Rescue System’ from the main NLD Installation Menu (Linux Kernel will be loaded).

7. Choose a keyboard map (e.g. English, US) –> OK

8. At the Rescue login prompt type: root

9. Mount linux partition to a temp dir, e.g.:

    mkdir /mnt/nld
    mount -t reiserfs /dev/hda6 /mnt/nld

10. change root to the system so paths from ‘/’ are on your linux partition and not the rescue CD’s ramdisk:

    cd /mnt/nld
    chroot /mnt/nld

11. Run grub-install now:

    grub-install /dev/hda
    (not hda6!!!)

12. Reboot

After this procedure the grub boot loader will be recovered and it will also have the original entry for booting Windows XP.

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