REALTECH, an international full-service consulting company that specializes in SAP Technology Consulting, has just released a white paper that provides an interesting insight into the migration of SAP from Unix to Linux taken from analysis of their own migration projects. The paper also assesses the price/performance ratio of hardware and makes recommendations for SAP Applications migrations. An update of their previous paper written in 2009, this one confirms many of their predictions and gives us a first hand view of what’s really going on. Here are some of their key findings:

  • The top 13 CPUs in the price/performance ranking come from the x64 family
  • Linux gains +56% market share – SPARC and Itanium are simply out
  • There is no real limit on what size of system or database can be run on Linux
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server High Availability Extension is best integrated into SAP
  • Linux and the x64 CPU architecture in SAP data centers are mainstream solutions.

To download the paper, please go to The Trend from Unix to Linux in SAP Data Centers

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