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Ready to improve kdump on AArch64


My weeks have been quite busy lately. In spite of that, I found some time to set up the environment for improving kdump for a future SLE15 on AArch64:

Breadboard with RPi3 and CP2104

I admit my desk looks a bit messy, indeed… Anyway, the picture shows a Raspberry Pi3, attached to a Silicon Labs CP2104 (kindly sent to me by the manufacturer for a past project of mine), both attached to a USB port. The Raspberry is also plugged into a local router for easier access. I don’t need any keyboard and/or display, as they tend to be less useful for kdump debugging than a serial console.

So, let’s fire up minicom… and it works!

No time to do more at the moment, so let’s switch it off again. Unfortunately, the Raspberry does not have any hardware power off, but I can turn it off using uhubctl (oh, not yet packaged for openSUSE? yay, sounds like a challenge, so see my OBS submit request). The only remaining trouble is that Lenovo chose a bit weird numbering for the USB ports on their docking station:

USB ports on a Lenovo docking station

Left to right, they are numbered 3, 1, 2 and 4. The Raspberry is plugged into port 1, and the docking station hub’s physical USB location is 3-3, so I can switch off the Raspberry like this:

hananiah:~ # uhubctl -l 3-3 -p 1 -a off
Current status for hub 3-3, vendor 0424:2514, 4 ports
   Port 1: 0100 power
Sent power off request
New status for hub 3-3, vendor 0424:2514, 4 ports
   Port 1: 0000 off

The red LED turned off, and that’s all I have time for right now. Stay tuned for an update about my progress on the actual kdump improvements.


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