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Clean Install Rancher Desktop    

With any type of open-source project Rancher Desktop sometimes brings hiccups. We should expect this, and as the engineers address these issues. There could be a gap in the features or functionality that puts the app in an unrecoverable state – this happened to me recently. Rancher Desktop restarted Kubernetes, and everything hung and didn’t work.

I deleted the app from my Mac and tried a different version of Rancher Desktop, thinking my recent upgrade was the issue. Come to find out the version wasn’t the issue. Something went wrong, and no matter what I tried Rancher Desktop wasn’t working. At the time I didn’t care why it wasn’t working. I needed to demo something else and couldn’t get it to work.

I got a moment to sit with one of the engineers to get past this. So, if Rancher Desktop ever gets to a state where it’s stuck, here is how to fix it:

Remove the App

Go to the Applications directory and delete the app.

Remove Supporting files

~/Library/Application Support/Caches/rancher-desktop-updater
~/Library/Application Support/rancher-desktop


Reinstall the version of the Rancher Desktop you want to use.

This should clear up any issues with using Rancher Desktop and any problems you might run into. 

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