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Quietly Working To Meet Customer Needs


It was nice to see some media attention about SUSE’s efforts in big data last week, when Ken Hess took the time to outline some of our successes in the realm of big data.

Of course, none of what Hess wrote was news to us, which is natural, since SUSE been doing this for quite a while now. Our quiet successes in big data speak to a broader point about the way SUSE operates. Rather than make a lot of noise to satisfy shareholders or manage a community, we’ve been working hard to deliver technology to customers and partners that they need… when they need it.

Enterprises have needed better data architectures and platforms for a long time, and we’ve made that happen, either with our own SUSE Linux Enterprise products, systems like SAP’s HANA products, which use SUSE Linux at their core, or Terradata’s partnership with SUSE that uses SUSE Linux to run their data warehousing and analytical solutions.

It’s not just in big data – SUSE is powering integrated systems solutions for healthcare companies, saving lives while delivering the power of Linux. SUSE Studio creates custom platforms for businesses to use for software appliances.

The reason why so many partners and customers are turning to SUSE is simple, and found in the tagline we use when we talk about our company and our solutions: We adapt. You succeed.

That term “adapt” means something: it means that customers and partners of SUSE don’t have to change their technology or business practices to succeed with our products. It means SUSE listens, and works with organizations to meet their needs. Using Linux at our core is only one part in the process: our people and their dedication to making solutions that work is another big part.

So yeah, you might be surprised at all of the things SUSE is doing across cloud, the enterprise, and integrated solutions. But our customers aren’t.

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