QSC AG: A Customer Success Story with SUSE® OpenStack Cloud and SUSE Enterprise Storage


QSC AG wanted to help its colocated customers increase the flexibility and value of their services by enabling easier access to cloud computing resources. By deploying SUSE® OpenStack Cloud with SUSE Enterprise Storage, the company created a hybrid cloud that uniquely links its customers’ colocated infrastructure with cloud resources running in the same data centers. This approach delivers the optimal combination of agility, speed, and security, helping mid-market German businesses extend into the cloud.

The Challenge was to build a hybrid cloud solution without introducing the issues that sometimes come with public cloud, like complexity, latency and security concerns. They wanted to embrace the speed and convenience of public cloud but needed to avoid the downsides.

They considered several cloud solutions but settled on OpenStack as it is viewed as the most used and had the right combination of features and flexibility. SUSE OpenStack Cloud provides a production-ready, enterprise-grade deployment of OpenStack backed by expert know-how and support from SUSE. To provide the underlying software-defined storage (SDS) layer, QSC chose SUSE Enterprise Storage, which is powered by Ceph technology. The results have been dramatic.

To read the results and the entire story go HERE

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