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Put your systems into a high state!


The highstate is what Salt, the systems management framework that has become so core to  SUSE Manager,  calls it when an admin applies all the configuration states to a system that are meant to be applied on that system. Salt can also apply individual state changes, but the highstate comes closest to a truly idempotent approach for configuration management, where you don’t tell the system to install this or change that, but describe the system in its entirety and let the configuration management framework figure out the rest.

You can now apply the highstate to a whole system group or a selection of systems that you have added with the System Set Manager much easier than before:

Highstate Management and SSM

Highstate Management and SSM (click for full size image)

First, add your systems to the System Set Manager.

From the overview page or the “States” tab you can now get to a new page that allows you to apply the highstate with one click (or schedule the high state for a certain point in time):


Highstate (click for full size image)

You can also preview the individual systems’ highstate before applying it:

Highstate Preview

Highstate Preview (click for full size image)

This new page is also available from system groups, where it pre-selects all systems in the group.

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This is Joachim Werner blogging live from Nuremberg at high noon. 🙂

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