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Protect Your Time and Money from the Data Explosion


As today’s data explosion continues, there’s really no question that for the IT manager or anyone in a similar role, software-defined storage (SDS) is going to be a worthwhile investment. With it, your organization can scale your storage to match your rapidly ballooning data, while still keeping tight control of your costs and your maintenance burden.

Without SDS, you’re going to need a budget that grows for every extra gigabyte your organization wants to store. Unless you work at an organization with a rapidly expanding IT budget—yeah, we thought not—SDS is the only realistic way to tackle the situation. In the long run (and maybe even quite quickly), SDS will save you two things: time and money.


An administrator working with Ceph can easily manage three to four petabytes of storage capacity, while an administrator in a block storage environment is often busy managing just 500 terabytes, or six times less. Experian found that adopting SDS helped it manage more data more easily, while the IT team at Phact relied on SUSE® Enterprise Storage’s self-healing properties to save them lengthy trips to remote data centers.

Emile Bijk at HKU said, “In our experience, SUSE Enterprise Storage offers much lower TCO. Not only have we cut administration time and effort, but also the solution enables us to practically eliminate downtime.”


The ability to use industry-standard hardware is where much of the financial savings with SDS comes from. In a study of the five-year total cost of ownership for archive storage, IT Brand Pulse found that SUSE Enterprise Storage cost less than half of what the most-expensive proprietary disk array cost, and about 24 percent less than the cheapest disk array option.

Key to capturing these savings, though, is choosing the right SDS. As that study revealed, even SDS can be expensive when purchased from certain vendors. That’s one of the things that makes SUSE Enterprise Storage so different. Our solution is priced by node, not by gigabyte. That means you pay for what’s in your control (your storage infrastructure) and not what’s out of your control (every single video or file your users decide to save). You can even upgrade your nodes and add storage capacity to them without affecting your price.

SUSE Enterprise Storage is powered by Ceph technology, one of the most popular SDS solutions available, and complements this foundation with our enterprise expertise. Our support is available around the clock, every day of the year, so you’re never alone in your job of keeping things running.

Tacking another network attached storage device to your current system isn’t going to solve your storage challenges for long. Today’s data explosion demands a different solution. With SUSE Enterprise Storage, you can take advantage of the benefits of SDS in a way that makes your job as IT manager easier. Show your organization you can support data growth while providing significant savings, and leadership will be sure to notice.



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