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Profit from the Evolution of Linux


Today marks another step forward in the evolution of information technology. I’m pleased to announce that Novell is launching SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, the next generation of the world’s most interoperable platform for mission-critical computing from the desktop to the data center. SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 is the Linux that makes your IT work as one.

As the only Linux that offers complete interoperability with Microsoft Windows servers and desktops, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 builds bridges across your customers’ environments. Built for mission-critical computing, SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 delivers the power and reliability your customers need to migrate from UNIX, with enterprise-class high availability clustering and advanced Green IT capabilities. Most importantly, we’ve designed SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 for ubiquity—so customers can deploy Linux anywhere they need it—from x86 to mainframe, from netbook to desktop, and from physical to virtual systems and appliances.

This provides you, our partners, with a range of service and product opportunities. Our ecosystem of software vendors is now the largest of any Linux provider, with over 3,000 certified applications from hundreds of vendors, plus the recommendations of Microsoft and SAP. This ecosystem expansion is driving revenue growth for Novell and our partners, as SUSE Linux Enterprise grows faster than the overall Linux market. Novell has significantly increased its investment in our partner program, and the SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 release is an excellent opportunity for you to build customer engagement opportunities and increase professional services, support and consulting revenues. Along with our recently launched partner program improvements—including a deal registration system for Gold and Platinum partners—you now have a springboard from which to grow your business with a vibrant and fast-growing platform.

With SUSE Linux Enterprise 11, Novell is delivering the newest versions of the industry’s leading Linux operating system products:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Server is the highly reliable, scalable and secure server operating system that powers your physical and virtual workloads. Featuring the fastest Linux update stack, diskless server capabilities, Green IT innovations that lower your power consumption, and performance optimizations to run as a virtual guest on VMware, Xen and Hyper-V, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server sets the standard for enterprise-class server computing.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop delivers dozens of essential applications and seamless interoperability with your existing systems, while providing an easy-to-use and highly secure desktop experience. With application and multimedia enhancements, Green IT innovations that reduce desktop power usage, and maximum interoperability with Microsoft Office and Exchange, it will help you lower costs and increase productivity.

We are also announcing two new products that work with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server to further increase the value of your Linux:

  • SUSE Linux Enterprise High Availability Extension provides proven, enterprise-class high availability clustering and data replication, at a much lower price than proprietary solutions.
  • SUSE Linux Enterprise Mono Extension enables you to run .NET server applications on Linux, with the performance, scalability and hardware support of the SUSE Linux Enterprise platform, including support for running .NET applications on IBM System z.

Our specialized support offerings—including SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support for SAP Applications and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server with Expanded Support—immediately include entitlement for the new version of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server.

And in the upcoming months, we will bring the rest of the product line onto the SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 codebase, including the latest releases of SUSE Linux Enterprise Point of Service, SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time Extension and SUSE Linux Enterprise Thin Client.

Finally, we’ve designed SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 to be the premier appliance operating system. Regardless of the choice of hypervisor or physical platform, SUSE Linux Enterprise is configurable and customizable, so customers can get just the foundation they need for their applications. And with the upcoming release of SUSE Studio, software vendors will be able to design their own SUSE Linux Enterprise-powered appliances on the Web, watch them compile in under five minutes, and allow their customers to receive support for them from Novell.

Join us at to learn more about how SUSE Linux Enterprise 11 can help your customers evolve their enterprises and reduce cost, risk and complexity. And learn how our 2009 partner program enhancements will benefit your bottom line.

Welcome to the evolution.

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  • ddelgado03 says:

    There’s something I don’t really like. Why sell HA and Mono as separate Add-ons when customers are used to get them “free” with SLES? Other than that I’ve been following SLE since it’s beta stages and I think it0’s the best release ever, it’s time to really start making business with SLE

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