You’re Having Problems with a SUSE Product? Oh No!


When you are having problems with one or more of our products, you come to our site for one thing: Help resolving your problem and getting your systems purring contently ASAP.   It’s up to us to provide you with all the tools you need to do that and to make them easy to find and access

Folks in need of assistance are generally faced with some options:  Paid technical support via a service request, a myriad of self service options available on our web site, asking in the ether and hoping someone responds.  There is another option you should consider first: Our online discussion forums  provide customers and potential customers a chance to talk to their peers and tap into a vast pool of hands-on knowledge that the thousands of community participants constitute.  In addition, we wanted to make it easy for you to access the other information that may help you as you search for answers as well.

We’ve added some tools to our product discussion forums to help.   Basic product information, documentation, blogs , downloads, patches, knowledgebase articles, videos, service requests, etc. are all tools we want customers to have easy access to without having to search our site or memorize which part of our site they must go to in order to access this information.   We’ve tried to provide this in our forums.

You can see at a glance the most discussed and most viewed topics in the past 30 days.  This helps you to keep an eye on evolving issues.

In addition, when there is important news to share, you’ll see an announcement at the top of our forum pages.

This mitigates the need to scour our web site to find the information you are looking for.   All resources our customers want to help resolve problems are available from this one location.    After all, if we want you to stick with our products, we need to help you as much as we can when you’re having problems, and this is one attempt to give you that help.

We also have a forum for discussing the SUSECON conference.   Where to stay.  What to see.   How to register.  Any questions about sessions, the venue, the location, the events. SUSECON attendees can collaborate on any related issue.

Please join us in our community discussions.   The more people that participate, the more value our community has.

See you at

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