Private Clouds With SUSE Cloud and Hyper-V


A few weeks ago, we mentioned that users of Window Azure cloud platform would be able to easily spin up instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise, thanks to the general availability of SUSE Linux Enterprise on that cloud platform.

Collaboration, though, works both ways. Microsoft has made it easier for Azure customers to deploy instances of SUSE Linux Enterprise on the public cloud, so it only seems fair to return the favor and offer improved support for Windows Server’s Hyper-V virtualization platform on our SUSE Cloud product.

SUSE Cloud is based on OpenStack, which has always been hypervisor-agnostic, supporting Xen, KVM, QEMU, LXC, and ESX(i) right alongside Hyper-V. But the changes announced today at the Open Source Business Conference (OSBC) in San Francisco improves upon SUSE Cloud’s Hyper-V support even more, enabling customers to select Hyper-V as a virtualization technology to run private clouds based on SUSE Cloud.

This solution specifically streamlines the automated installation of Hyper-V-based compute nodes and the rapid dispatching of workloads across a private cloud infrastructure.

Such interoperability between SUSE Cloud and Hyper-V will enable enterprises to standardize their open source private clouds on the same technology they may also use in public clouds, such as Windows Azure, or on the Windows Server machines used in their data centers if they’re working in a heterogeneous environment. Our approach to SUSE Cloud, then, mirrors our perfect guest strategy that we use with SUSE Linux Enterprise, in which we have long supported SUSE Linux Enterprise running on Xen, KVM, ESX, and Hyper-V.

Does this mean we’re somehow diminishing the support we have for other hypervisors in SUSE Cloud? Not a chance. We’re still providing seamless support for other hypervisors in SUSE Cloud, because the end result – providing the exact tools the customer needs – is still our number one goal.

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