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You discover a problem, and you need to resolve it before it takes your entire infrastructure down.  Which scenario sounds better to you?

Scenario 1

You go to SCC to log a problem and wait for a technical support team to respond.  You then have to describe your environment, your solution stack, and your issue.  The technician has to ask you a number of questions to ensure they are working on the right issue.  After that time period, the technician starts working on your issue to get you to problem resolution.

Scenario 2

You call Jim, your premium support engineer.  Jim knows your environment, your staff skills and your infrastructure.  Because of that Jim can start working on your issue right away and get you to problem resolution in a fraction of time.

If you are like most people, you answered Scenario 2.

As good as SUSE Technical Support is, they simply cannot have a relationship with all of SUSEs customers.  That’s where SUSE Premium Support Services comes in.

What are Premium Support Services?

Premium Support Services enhances your existing SUSE Priority Technical Support by offering a number of white glove benefits, including direct access to a named technical expert – a premium engineer. This engineer knows you, your team and your infrastructure.

Premium Support Services is a 12-month, fixed-cost tiered offering. It provides a number of benefits that are delivered directly to you by a named premium engineer and service delivery manager. Your premium team will:

  • Deliver faster time to value… by ensuring that your SUSE solutions are optimized for your specific business objectives.
  • Ensure business continuity… with proactive maintenance and monitoring of your specific systems
  • Help you meet changing business demands… with flexible and cost-effective offerings, providing the level of service you need and access to named service delivery managers who will keep you abreast of technology trends.

Let’s face it.  Downtime is expensive – not only in cost but in customer satisfaction and retention.  Your premium support team helps you avoid downtime by helping you keep your systems finetuned and on top of technology trends.   With your team in place, you can quickly solve small issues before they escalate into big problems that cause system downtime.

Having Premium Support Services is really the best insurance policy your business can invest in.

But Can I Afford It?

A service offering like Premium Support has to be expensive, right?  Wrong! Because Premium Support Services comes in different tiers, there really is an option to fit every sized business.

Today, in addition to our Silver, Gold and Platinum Tiers, we are announcing the Bronze Tier of Premium Support Services

Premium Support Services - The Tiers and Benefits

As our entry level option, the Bronze Tier gives you:

  • Direct Access to a Named Technical Professional
  • Direct Access to a Service Delivery Manager
  • Up to 60 hours dedicated time and/or 10 Service Requests handled by your premium engineer

And the best part: the Bronze Tier is so attractively priced every business can take advantage of this “white glove” support service.  That is,  your  business cannot afford to be without this service offering.

Let’s Get Started

Get started with Premium Support Services today. Here are just a few ways:

Want to learn more, read the flyer.

Get set up with Premium Services today, and the next time you have an issue, you’ll be direct-dialing your premium engineer!

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