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Photo Story – Looking Back at OpenStack Days China 2017


The following photo story is a cooperation of  Joyce Na,  Xiao Gen Wang, Yuhu Zhao and Xuguang Guo, Quality Assurance Engineers, SUSE China.

The OpenStack Days China event brings together hundreds of IT executives, cloud operators and technology providers to discuss cloud computing and learn about OpenStack. Those regional events are organized and hosted annually by local OpenStack user groups and companies in the ecosystem, and are often one or two-day events with keynotes, breakout sessions, and some workshops. It’s a great opportunity to hear directly from prominent OpenStack leaders, learn from user stories, and to network and get plugged into the local community.

OpenStack Days China is an official meeting mandated by the OpenStack Foundation. The agenda of the conference is developed by the OpenStack Community Volunteer Group, and experts across industries are invited to speak about the technology and their experiences. If you’ve already read the blog from our colleague Jian Wei Sun, you surely know that OpenStack Days China 2017 was held from July 24 – 25, 2017 at China National Convention Center Beijing!

OpenStack Days is not only the top OpenStack Foundation event in mainland China to recognize domestic developers who contribute to this crucial technology, it also gives them a platform to get their developments and applications for OpenStack reviewed by a broad group of experts. OpenStack Days China will become China’s most professional, most qualified and largest technology event in the area of OpenStack.

We are convinced that OpenStack Days in China will greatly stimulate China’s technical enthusiasm for OpenStack, and will also help to promote OpenStack in more industries and to achieve stronger business penetration.

To give you an impression of this important event, we prepared a little photo story for you – so let’s start our OpenStack Days China 2017 review tour.

DAY 1 



The venue: China National Convention Center.




The sponsors: as you can see, SUSE is a Diamond Sponsor!





Registration for OpenStack Days China 2017





What a wonderful place to meet and listen to the sessions: the general session room.





Now be quiet please – it is time to start the OpenStack Days China 2017.





It’s showtime!





It’s party time: raise your hands and show us that you are here!




A real superstar enters the stage: SUSE’s Alan Clark, Chairman of the Board at OpenStack Foundation.





And here is the next superstar: Jonathan Bryce, Executive Director of the OpenStack Foundation.




Time to look around: the SUSE booth in the exhibition area is an eye catcher!





At the SUSE booth, you also get original German Bavarian beer – and the green leather trousers are a sensation!




SUSE’s partner and customer Huawei.





HBC’s booth.





The showfloor.




Time for Group Discussion:

Presentation from Tencent about “Filesystem IO Analysis in Virtulization”

With that, Day 1 is over.




Let’s continue the OpenStack Days China 2017 with another superstar: Monty Taylor, OpenStack Technical Committee Membber

“Listen, we will have good future with OpenStack. Take my word here.”




Once again the SUSE booth: it’s hot hot hot!



Discussions on the show floor:


Again time for group discussions: Presentation from IBM about z Systems Virtualization. Did you know that our SUSE OpenStack Cloud runs well on IBM z Systems ?


That’s all we wanted to share, and we have to say “Good Bye” to OpenStack Days China 2017. But it was a huge success. We hope that also in future OpenStack and SUSE go very well together.

Well – and now we are looking forward to OpenStack Days China 2018!


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