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Pfortner of South Africa Develops Products with SUSE Appliance Toolkit


“The demand for customization is enormous in the financial sector, so the ability SUSE Studio gives us to deploy completely new appliances in one or two days is a huge competitive advantage.”
Aubrey Swanepoel, Managing Director of Pfortner

Based in Centurion, South Africa, Novell Partner, Pfortner provides network perimeter security solutions as well as data encryption services. The company is focused on the financial services sector, for which it delivers secure end-to-end connectivity solutions.

SUSE Appliance Program Opportunity
By joining the SUSE Appliance Program, Pfortner became one of the first companies in South Africa to adopt SUSE Studio™, a powerful yet intuitive tool from Novell for building software appliances based on SUSE® Linux Enterprise Server..

Now with SUSE Studio, Pfortner can mitigate risk and accelerate the development cycle by enabling the company to test-drive appliances before deployment. The company can take in requests for new functionality from clients, build and test a revised appliance, then release it back to the client within just two days.

“We found joining the SUSE Appliance Program from Novell to be a really smooth and efficient process,” said Aubrey Swanepoel. “By day 12 of the implementation process, we were ready for development work. The excellent support from the highly professional local Novell team was a major benefit.”

As a result, Pfortner has cut the average development time for appliances by 60 percent, enabling faster and more cost-effective response to software patches and client requests for new functionality. And even more importantly the company can now focus on its strategic growth into new markets.

Opportunity for Novell Partners
Pfortner is rapidly expanding its business throughout Africa, Europe and South America, working closely with technology partners who have a presence in third world markets. If you are interested in adding Pfortner solutions to your portfolio, please reach out to the company at

To experience the benefits of software appliances for your own customers and applications, please contact us at or visit our webpage at

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