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PartnerNet – what's in for our Partners?


This short note is a reminder for all our partners with long-standing relationship and hopefully a useful introduction for all our new or new to become partners, like Software Vendors, Solution Providers, System Integrators and Cloud-Service-Providers.

The PartnerNet program empowers and rewards partners that deliver innovative solutions and services for SUSE technologies. It is easy to join, and there is no charge to do so at the silver level.

For those of our partners that have let their membership lapse, the Helpdesk is willing to assist them to get it revitalised again.

Once you are registered check out our partnership offerings

  • SUSE Partner Software Catalog (new catalog also under development – get your information ready!)
  • Downloads for developers
  • Logos to show your SUSE partnership

and a lot of more benefits.

So go to our PartnerNet and use either PartnerNet Login or Join PartnerNet to collect all you need. Additional help can be found under How to Join.


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