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Pain free SAP migration. New insights. Your data.


As businesses undergo digital transformation, IT solutions — such as those supporting SAP HANA and other SAP applications — become more mission critical.

If you are looking for partners who can provide a robust foundation optimized for SAP applications to get more out of your investment and drive present and future growth you came to the right place.

To take a step back, let me quickly state that SAP HANA is the in-memory database and the basis for S/4 HANA, an intelligent, integrated ERP system that runs on SAP HANA and adds real-time analytics and a major reduction in the data footprint when compared to current ECC environments.

Fundamentally, for those of us wishing to become an intelligent enterprise, having the right database back-end capable of supporting the S/4 HANA environment and replacing the existing Business Suite is a big deal. And you’d want the right partners to take on that journey with you.

So, what are my options when adopting SAP HANA?

Today, we will focus on our partnership with Lenovo and their portfolio for SAP HANA – from appliances to custom Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) offerings to a private cloud experience with Lenovo TruScale Services.

Like SUSE, Lenovo is a long-term SAP partner. As such, they have significant expertise designing and implementing the right SAP HANA solution for customers.

In fact, for the 7th year in a row, Lenovo x86 servers have ranked #1 in the in­dustry for delivering the best uptime among all Intel x86 platforms. And Lenovo servers currently hold nearly 200 world records for performance[1], including more than a dozen world records for SAP BW and SD 2-tier performance.

Lenovo has an extensive portfolio to meet your needs:

  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR950 server designed for the most demanding, mission-critical workloads such as in-memory databases and large transactional databases. It improves SAP HANA data foundation and help lower total cost of ownership.
  • Lenovo ThinkSystem SR860 V2 server a fast, highly reliable 2- to 4-processor system with large memory and storage capacity, designed for high-growth workloads like databases and virtualization. It offers considerable adaptability, resulting in greater system performance.
  • Lenovo ThinkAgile HX Solution for SAP HANA– a Nutanix-based solution ideal when running under 3TB of RAM. It requires SUSE Linux Enterprise for SAP applications for the SAP HANA DB nodes.
  • Lenovo ThinkAgile VX Solution for SAP HANA– ideal for customers wanting to deploy SAP HANA on their VMWare environment. It includes VX 2U Certified Nodes utilizing the dramatic efficiency and cost savings of industry-leading VMware virtualization technology.
  • Tailored Datacenter Integration (TDI) – offers great flexibility when integrating an SAP HANA system into your existing data center layout. You can choose what works best for your unique datacenter needs. Options include mission-critical systems, blade systems and rack servers.
  • Lenovo TruScale delivers on-premises infrastructure on a pay-for-use consumption-based model. The flexible and affordable subscription-based solution gives customers complete control of their data with no minimum, no lock-in, and 24/7 remote monitoring and management.

And what does SUSE bring to the table?

SUSE is here to help you Say Goodbye to Downtime.

We know you rely on your mission-critical SAP systems to help you drive innovation. And when those systems are down, whether because of planned outages or unplanned interruption, it reduces productivity, revenue and customer satisfaction, while potentially increasing costs.

SUSE will help you with:

  • Maximum Productivity to Drive Innovation: SUSE Enterprise Server for SAP Applications helps you: automate recurring manual tasks; reduce admin and simplify management; reduce pressure on your IT Staff; deliver innovative solutions; and reduce time spent on troubleshooting outrages.
  • Maintenance of Critical Operations to Sustain Revenues: SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching keeps your SAP systems running even while applying Linux security patches. And SUSE’s advanced, high availability solution ensures that business-critical lines remain productive with continuous uptime.
  • Improved Efficiency of Service Operations: SUSE Manager helps you with: proactive configuration management of SAP services; identifying potential problems before downtime is required; monitoring and displaying SAP system status to reduce troubleshooting time; and automating configuration management that simplifies compliance reporting for more efficient operations.

In summary, the server/software combination from Lenovo and SUSE can help you go through a pain free SAP migration today!

Read our white paper to learn more:


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[1] As of September 1, 2020


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