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Package Management Quick Reference


Package management is probably the most distinctive feature of any Linux distribution. SUSE allows users to manage software using various methods. By default we have zypper, in addition we also have smart and pkcon. Below is list of common tasks and corresponding commands used to manage a package.

Quick Command Reference


zypper command

smart command

pkcon command

Managing software  

Install new software from package repository

zypper install pkg

smart install pkg

pkcon install pkg

Install new software from package file

zypper install pkg

smart install pkg

pkcon install-file pkg

Update existing software

zypper update -t package pkg

smart install pkg

pkcon update pkg

Remove unwanted software

zypper remove pkg

smart remove pkg

pkcon remove pkg

Updating the system

Update package list

zypper refresh

smart update

pkcon refresh

Update system

zypper update

smart upgrade

pkcon upgrade

Searching for packages

Search by package name


zypper search pkg

smart search pkg

pkcon search name pkg

Search by pattern

zypper search -t pattern pattern

smart search pattern

pkcon search details pattern

Search by file name

zypper wp

smart query file

pkcon what-provides file

List installed packages

zypper search –is

smart query –installed

Configuring access to software repositories

List repositories


zypper repos

smart channel –show

pkcon repo-list

Add repository

zypper addrepo
path name

smart channel –add name path

Remove repository

zypper removerepo

smart channel –remove name

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  • jkupec says:

    Update existing softwarezypper up [pkg] is enough, ‘-t package’ is not needed anymore. To list/apply patches use zypper lp/patch.

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