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LinuxCon Europe 2016 kicks off next week (October 4th – 6th) in Berlin Germany and if you’re wondering if Geeko and team will be in attendance, the answer is yes!  Not only will our experts be available in booth B04 to answer questions about our award winning products and solutions, but we will also be hosting a ton of sessions, giving a keynote and as to be expected whenever SUSE is in the building, prizes galore!  So grab your notebook to take notes, or if writing really isn’t your thing, bookmark this page—whatever you choose just make sure these sessions are in your itinerary!

LinuxCon Europe

Tuesday, October 4

12:10pm – 13:00pm Solving the Paradox: Less Downtime – More Security Hannes Kuhnemund, SUSE

In this session, Hannes Kuhnemund talks about recent developments in the upstream project “livepatch” and discusses the current state including a deep dive into challenges on the way.

14:30pm – 15:30pm Ceph Community Update, Lars Marowsky-Brée SUSE

Join Lars Marowsky-Brée as he discusses the recent developments, current status of various features, and the roadmap of the Ceph project. He will also look at the state of the community and contributions.

16:50pm – 17:50pm Are Containers Enterprise Ready – Michal Svec

In this session Michal Svec will look at how containers and Docker can be used, discuss the pros and cons of using containers and will show tools which help in enterprise deployments of containers, explaining aspects of container security and lifecycle.

16:50pm – 17:35pm OpenQA – Avoiding Disasters of Biblical Proportions, Marita Werner

This session will give an introduction to openQA’s capabilities, share how it is used by SUSE for the testing of SUSE Linux Enterprise, Fedora for the testing of their distribution, and openSUSE for the testing of both Leap regular release and their Tumbleweed rolling release. The talk will go into some detail as to how openQA tests a very wide range of scenarios, including multiple architectures, extensions and modules, as well as virtual and ‘real hardware’ platforms. The session will suggest ideas to attendees as how it could be used for testing their software, operating systems, or virtual machine images.

16:50pm – 17:50pm Networking Approaches in a Container World – Flavio Castelli

This talk will illustrate how the major networking solutions for Linux application containers work: their implementation details, their positive and negative aspects and how they influence the deployment of distributed applications.

Wednesday October 5

12:15pm – 13:05pm entry *S: A Carefree Stroll through Kernel Entry Code, Borislav Petkov

This talk is an attempt to demystify some of the aspects of the cryptic x86 entry code in arch/x86/entry/ written in assembly and how it all fits with software-visible architecture of x86, what hardware features are being used and how.

15:40pm – 16:30pm: Open Enterprise & Open Community-Empowering Each Other, Richard Brown

Who said Enterprises and Open Source Communities can’t mix?  This talk will discuss the latest developments in the openSUSE Project, specifically the openSUSE Tumbleweed rolling distribution, and the openSUSE Leap hybrid distribution. It will also shed light on other technologies being developed inside openSUSE, such as OBS and openQA and share insights into some possibilities for the future.


Thursday October 6

9:00am Keynote: DaVinci to the Avengers: From single to collective genius, CTO Thomas Di Giacomo, SUSE

Join SUSE CTO Thomas Di Giacomo as he discusses how open source has changed how software is developed, changing how we work and collaborate together, how fast and efficiently we can innovate how business is modeled and much more.

Want your very own SUSE mascot, Geeko? Have your badge scanned at booth B04 and take one home!  Don’t forget to enter the drawing for your chance to win a SUSECON 2016 ticket + travel + hotel… ALL ON US!

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  • Avatar photo Marita Werner says:

    Hello Ruby,

    my talk about openQA will be Tuesday at 16.50pm. It was rescheduled.
    And Richard Brown will do a talk about
    “Open Enterprise & Open Community – Empowering Each Other” Wednesday, October 5 • 15:40 – 16:30!

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