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openSUSE 12.2 Release is Stellar


openSUSE 12.2 has released. Gauging by the news coverage so far, openSUSE 12.2 is stellar!  This release marks an inflection point for openSUSE. Community growth in the last two years has resulted in the need to work on scaling and processes. Today’s successful release is an indicator of how openSUSE will manage through this turning point. More discussion will take place at the openSUSE Conference, October 20-23 in Prague, where attendees can expect to “Have a lot of fun,” while discovering new ways to work together.

According to Jos Poortvliet, openSUSE Community Manager for SUSE. “The community has again delivered an important update for this long-established Linux Distribution, finding that exciting sweet spot combining the cutting edge with dependability.”

Go here to check out the latest features and get the download. Here are initial reviews from the press corps:

openSUSE Debuts New Features, Apps with 12.2 Release

“These days, there are so many different Linux distributions out there that one of them pushes out a new release nearly every day. And a lot of them have application stacks and technical back-ends similar to openSUSE’s. So why is the debut of openSUSE 12.2 worth noting?

For starters, because openSUSE is an important force in the larger open source ecosystem. The project has close ties to other ventures, such as the Open Build Service, that are of interest to plenty of users and developers beyond those running or programming for openSUSE specifically.” — Christopher Tozzi, The VAR Guy


openSUSE 12.2 Linux finally arrives

“One nice feature about openSUSE is that you can do in-place upgrades of your existing openSUSE installations, going all the way back to openSUSE 11.2. Since I run openSUSE on my in-house servers, where the desktop doesn’t matter so much, I’ll give that a try first. If you also like openSUSE for your servers, I recommend you not wait to give it a run too. Enjoy!” — Steven J. Vaughan-Nichols, ZDNet


openSUSE 12.2 Stabilizes Linux

The openSUSE distribution already gets a broad range of testing on packages thanks in part to its Tumbleweed rolling distribution.

openSUSE 12.2 Linux The main openSUSE release is a milestone release with packages taken from a point in time and then stabilized. If an openSUSE user prefers, they can opt into the Tumbleweed rolling release cycle, where the latest and greatest packages are immediately available. —Sean Michael Kerner, ServerWatch


openSUSE 12.2 arrives with Linux 3.4 and GRUB 2.0

“Thanks to improvements in the kernel and an update to systemd version 44, the developers say that openSUSE now boots and runs faster than before, while the use of glibc 2.15 improves the performance of many functions, especially on 64-bit systems. Other under-the-hood changes include switching to using version 2.00 of the GRUB boot manager and moving to a Plymouth-based start-up process.” — Chris von Eitzen, The H

Five key new improvements in openSUSE Linux 12.2 

— Katherine Noyes, PCWorld



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    How do we upgrade?

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    The documentation for upgrading openSUSE is available at:

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