OpenStack Turns 3–Wait, Already?


Tomorrow is a big party day for our colleagues over at OpenStack, as they celebrate their third birthday at OSCON. If you’re in the neighborhood, stop by.

For our part, it feels like the last three years have passed by very quickly. It seems like just yesterday that OpenStack was taking its first steps as an open source project, and now here it is, with over a thousand authors to the code base and 40 global user groups and more than 10,000 community members across 121 countries.

OpenStack has had a lot of successes, both technically and commercially. It’s not just SUSE saying that, but partners like HP, Dell, IBM and Red Hat are all pitching in to make OpenStack a solid cloud computing offering.

But why? What is it about OpenStack that makes it so appealing? Cynics (and there are many) would argue that OpenStack is the best possible path to take away business from Amazon Web Services’ very large marketshare. In the same breath, they also say this will never work—AWS is too far along for anyone to catch up.

So what if it isn’t just about capturing marketshare? What if it’s about trying to avoid the mistakes of the operating system past and not letting one cloud infrastructure completely dominate the marketplace? What if it’s about choice for customers and not letting them get locked into one set of cloud tools?

This is something that has been at the core of OpenStack’s mission from the very beginning, and they are seeing users take to that message and adopt OpenStack-based offerings in earnest. Cloud computing is growing fast and, more importantly, it’s maturing.

No longer a toy for experimentation, cloud computing is moving into production environments more and more. OpenStack is doing the job at companies like Best Buy, Bloomberg, Comcast, Fidelity and PayPal, to name a few.

For these reasons, and more, we are very glad to be working hand-in-hand with OpenStack and its community. Here’s to many happy returns on the day!

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