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OpenStack Community; 5 areas of focus


The advent of the Boston OpenStack Summit is upon us.  And as in the past, this Summit is not only going to fun, it is going to be very busy.  And not just with the planning and development for the next release, but for the long term success of the community as well.

In March the OpenStack Board, Technical Committee, User Committee and Foundation staff met to identify the top long term needs and community challenges.  Technology and focus for cloud has evolved over recent years.  Over time OpenStack has tackled many of the technology and knowledge barriers that were the initial adoption barriers.  Today users achieve realistic cost saving, better value and proven results with OpenStack.

In order to further the growth and adoption of OpenStack, it is important for the leadership to continue to identify and further remove barriers to growth and adoption. At the March meeting we identified the top 5 areas that need focus.  These 5 include:

  1. Practical Improvements in the way we communicate about OpenStack as a technology stack. What are the projects, in relation to specific use cases, that serve as a base versus those which may be optional? Which projects are emerging versus those that are mature technologies?  Provide help with stability and adoption metrics.
  2. Requirements that remove barriers to adoption. Bring different groups (UC/TC/Product/InterOp/etc) to collaborate/communicate around user stories, gap analysis and what fits in the current state of technology.  Prioritizing what will have the greatest impact in reducing pain for users.
  3. Adjacent Technologies. Make our technology more consumable (independently) by other communities/projects.
  4. Grow the Technology. Simplify existing projects, reduce dependency options, and reduce configuration complexity.
  5. Community Health. Grow next generation of leadership/experts/cross-project developers within the community

For the past several weeks members of these leadership teams have met to discuss in detail these five areas.   On May 7th the Board, Technical Committee and User Committee will come together in a joint meeting to hear an update from these members.  I am looking forward to these reports.  Having participated on several of these efforts, I can see some exciting ideas forming, that when implemented will further propel OpenStack success.

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