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What a great first day at the openSUSE Conference 2017 (osc17) for openQA – SUSE and openSUSE’s test automation framework!

Right after the keynote Stefan Kulow (aka Coolo) started with „How openQA works – technical details about testing openSUSE“ (see video). As he told me before the talk his main goal was to squash some wrong impressions and rumours that were spread around openQA and carify what openQA can do and what not.

After a very short introduction about openQA he went straight into technical details about:

  • the different new backends, e.g. libvirt for supporting different hypervisors
  • how needles work if screenshots get blurry
  • the implementation of consoles that can be used as a stack


Next an openQA developer and user meeting (see video) was scheduled were people asked a lot of questions about how you can find openQA in git, how many contributors we have, etc.

Later in the afternoon Richard Brown explained Tumbleweed, openSUSE’s Rolling Release, that would not be possible without openQA. Many snapshots were tested automatically without any manual interaction and 2-3 snapshots per week are shipped to the users if the test framework is green.

Last but not least SUSE‘s QA engineers Santi Zarate and Matthias Griessmeier did a hands-on openQA Beginner Training and showed interested programmers the first steps to get familiar with openQA. The room was packed when Santi and Matthias explained how to set-up openQA and how to start with a Testcase. First simple example was a Firefox test.

Finally we went to the well deserved BBQ in the Beer Garden! Overall a great day for openQA and openSUSE!

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