openQA: open source testing framework for openSUSE, SUSE and – as of late – Red Hat


openQA – the fully automated open source testing framework – is used extensively by the openSUSE community, and has replaced manual testing almost completely. The openSUSE community relies on openQA for everything from GUI application testing to bootloader and kernel testing.

SUSE is adopting openQA as an integral tool for SLES automated validation testing, alongside existing manual testing. It allows a very quick overview of the current development status and at the same time enables broader testing coverage.

It is a very encouraging time for the openQA community; originally focused primarily on openSUSE, they’ve not only been a pleasure to work with as we adopt it for SLES, but we’re happy to also see Red Hat on board in using openQA, filing bugs and delivering patches as they use it for testing Fedora. This is another good example where the openSUSE community start the technical lead in a new project and attracting other open source teams to contribute and join the community for the benefit of all involved.

Have a look yourself, try the tool and join the community!

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