Novell Connection Magazine: Impress
by BrainStorm, Inc.
Novell Connection Magazine – Q3 2007

Here’s an excerpt:

Touted as a compelling and arguably superior alternative to Microsoft Office, begs the question: Is it as good as it’s cracked up to be?

If you haven’t been following this series and haven’t yet used the office suite, take a minute to establish your context here. Download this open source office suite, or in the interest of time, read the previous articles in this series. (See Background Basics.)

> Not Quite a Newbie

As mentioned before, I’m not exactly an newbie. Through my job as the lead technical and creative writer at BrainStorm, Inc., the Novell Authorized End-User Training Partner, I’ve actually had a little experience. I’ve taught, written end-user training materials on, and even written tips and tricks for this magazine and Novell Cool Solutions. But I was a newbie at one time and I still run into new functionality I didn’t know existed. That’s exactly what happened on this journey when I converted a presentation from a popular proprietary format (read PowerPoint) to Impress. So I’ll go slowly and take you along for the ride. That way, you can learn from my experience and not make the same mistakes I did the first time around.

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