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Novell Connection Magazine: Tech Talk #3 – Open SUSE 10.3 – Don’t Fear the Lizard
by Nathan Conger
Novell Connection Magazine – Q4 2007

Here’s an excerpt:

Over the last few years, Linux has crossed the chasm from early adoption to mainstream deployment as a server operating system in the enterprise and in many small and medium businesses.

Leveraging the flexibility and innovation of open source, Linux has become the platform of choice for databases, high-performance computing, enterprise applications and infrastructure. Due, in part, to recent offerings from Dell and Lenovo, desktop Linux has enjoyed an increased awareness by those outside information technology circles, though it has yet to cross over to mainstream use.

For many aspiring desktop Linux users, understanding RPMs, root passwords and run levels might be enough to make the OS appear unapproachable. Add to this the difficulty of finding and installing third party software and getting your MP3s and videos to play and it might be a feat of geek strength that most are not willing to endure. If this describes you, stop looking for a personal Linux trainer and try a few reps of openSUSE 10.3 on your own.

> Getting Started is Easy!
OpenSUSE 10.3 was made for geeks and green horns alike. Operating system and application installation have been retooled with ease of use and flexibility in mind. Playing your favorite audio and video clips is seamless. And enhanced visual effects allow new ways to interact with your desktop and drive productivity. Keep reading to see what’s under the hood in openSUSE 10.3 and how to get started!

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