Open Source Survey: Quality Ranks #1


Open source advocates have been saying for years that the quality of our software was going to be higher, line for line, than that of proprietary software.

Some of this goes back to Linus Torvalds’ famous line, “many eyes make shallow bugs,” which is very much a truism in the free and open source software communities. But it also comes from hands-on experience… when you can access the code, you can make the changes you need to make software work better for you and your organization.

It is therefore very satisfying that IT professionals are starting to see the same qualities in open source software that we’ve seen all along. This was one of the many discoveries that can be found in the results of the seventh annual Future of Open Source Survey, put together by North Bridge Venture Partners and Black Duck Software, a project on which SUSE also collaborated.

The 2013 survey represents the insights of 822 respondents – the largest in the survey’s history – from both non-vendor and vendor communities. The survey’s results revealed the cultural impact of open source software and its influence on everything from innovation, to collaboration among competitors, to hiring practices, is revolutionizing the way organizations work and do business.

Among the many aspect of the results that piqued our interest: better quality software was ranked as the #1 reason companies were adopting open source software, up from #2 in 2012 and #5 in 2011.

There are lots more useful facts and figures from this survey, which you can glean in the infographic below (click to expand). Open source software is a force to be reckoned with in IT, a fact that more and more decision makers are recognizing every day.


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