OEDIV cuts costs and streamlines operations with SUSE


“By implementing an integrated solution with SUSE Manager and SLES for SAP Applications running on IBM Power Systems with IBM Storage, we improved the performance of the technology stack by 40%.” Martin Stratmann, CEO, OEDIV.

OEDIV is a German private cloud provider specializing in SAP solutions. Its customers come from a wide range of industries and all demand the highest levels of availability to keep checkouts running, ensure supply chains deliver on time and production lines never stop.

OEDIV’s growth strategy is to capitalize on new business opportunities that require greater flexibility. Key to winning these, often larger, customers is the ability to run modern business applications and mission-critical in-memory databases such as SAP HANA, both cost-efficiently and at scale.

As customer systems and data volumes grew, it became clear that OEDIV’s existing IT infrastructure for SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA was reach­ing its performance, capacity and reliabil­ity limits, making it difficult to onboard new clients and scale the business effectively.

Already running SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on 300 virtual machines using SUSE Man­ager, OEDIV knew that SUSE solutions could handle its mission-critical customer work­loads.

Together with SUSE and IBM, OEDIV deployed a highly standardized solution based on an IBM ref­erence architecture that could scale up further and be easily extended when need­ed.

Standardized operations and management boost productivity

Post-deployment OEDIV runs its largest and most-demanding SAP HANA databases extremely cost-efficiently. Working with IBM and SUSE technologies, the company has managed to reduce the resources required for system operations by 50%.

By implementing an integrated solution with SUSE Manager and SLES for SAP Applications running on IBM Power Systems with IBM Storage, OEDIV improved the performance of the technology stack by 40%, reducing unplanned downtime to zero.

The combination of SUSE, IBM and SAP has enabled OEDIV to grow be­yond capacity and performance limita­tions. It has doubled private-cloud capacity without adding more people to the team, improving operational efficiency, productivity and unlocking new business op­portunities.

The company already runs 400 instanc­es of SLES for SAP Applications on the new IBM Power Systems servers. Thanks to SUSE Manager, OEDIV has streamlined processes across the IBM POWER and x86 architec­tures.

This helps OEDIV to automate sys­tem provisioning and routine administra­tion tasks – new systems can be provisioned in just 30 minutes – helping the team to focus more on value-added, forward-look­ing consulting and optimization projects.

OEDIV is already planning to extend its server and stor­age capacity by 50%, driven by growth and new customers using this environment.

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Paul Fox