Novell's SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10 – Linux Without Tears


Check out this great review from Network Computing’s Ben DuPont. Here are some pithy excerpts.

“You no longer have to be an uber-geek to run a Linux server. With the release of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 10, Novell has at last put out a product that’s as easy to install, administer and use as a Windows server–in some cases, even easier. And if you’re looking for more reasons to make the move, consider the OS’ wide range of free development tools, applications for everything from mail to office software, a wide choice of distributions and source code that’s freely available. Most important, the OS provides a solid foundation for a vast array of enterprise-level systems–app servers, database servers and file servers, to name a few.

“… If you can install Windows, you can install SLES 10. Linux first-timers will find only a few unfamiliar tasks, such as configuring swap space and having to choose between file systems such as ReiserFS and ext3. In most cases, using the default values is enough… Novell also made sure SLES 10 integrates well with Windows; the server can be set up to authenticate against Microsoft Active Directory (and OpenLDAP and eDirectory), and it supports Samba file shares.

“…SLES 10’s server applications include mail server software, the popular Apache HTTP server and Xen virtualization software. Novell provides all these applications on the installation CD, and supports them in the enterprise–a major convenience that Windows doesn’t provide.

“…Novell secures SLES 10 with AppArmor, a brilliantly easy-to-use application-level intrusion-prevention system. AppArmor has many features found in Security Enhanced Linux, but is far simpler to use. Unlike SELinux, Novell’s distribution lets you create profiles with a few clicks. Windows has no comparable built-in protection; you’d need to buy, install and administer a separate host IPS to get this level of security.”

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