Novell's new SUSE Linux Enterprise Server Priority Support for SAP Applications


By John Gorman

Your customers’ SAP applications: it doesn’t get much more mission-critical than this.

If you’re a reseller of SAP, Novell and other leading technology solutions, it’s probably no secret to you how important your customers’ SAP solutions are to their ongoing business success. Even an hour or less of downtime can mean a serious hit to productivity—and profits.

Still, no matter how powerful and valuable SAP apps are to today’s fast-growing business customers, they can only be as reliable as the underlying operating system and IT infrastructure on which they run.

So—what does SAP recommend as the best platform for companies who want to run SAP applications on Linux?

NEW: SUSE Linux Enterprise Priority Support for SAP Applications.

Novell recently entered into an exclusive agreement with SAP to provide you and your customers with an exciting new opportunity. Now, with the newly announced SUSE Linux Enterprise Priority Support for SAP Applications, customers FINALLY have a place to turn for the seamless technical support they’ve always wanted.

Yes, Reseller, we’re talking about YOU.

Imagine being able to offer customers a joint offering from recognized industry leaders SAP and Novell—a single, centralized maintenance/support package, integrated through the SAP Solution Manager support infrastructure into SAP’s global support backbone for managing the entire SAP application lifecycle.

Wow. Now THAT’S a solution.

O.K., so what’s in it for your customers?

We understand that you may just want to pick up the phone or fire up your email and start contacting customers using SAP applications (and that’s fine), but let’s take a few minutes to review the top-level benefits of SUSE Linux Enterprise Priority Support for SAP Applications to end users:

  • Consistent manageability of SAP applications in a mixed, open-source commercial software environment—giving customers the performance, reliability and scalability of the open-source solutions they’re looking for today.
  • A single support entry point from the operating system to the application level—no more scrambling to find the right contact information or various portals.
  • Streamlined resolution of support incidents—because especially in an SAP-application-based business environment, every single second of uptime counts.
  • Reduced complexity—simpler systems and processes mean a more productive business environment.
  • Lower Total Cost of Ownership—freeing up clients’ resources for additional innovation and other core business-growth issues.

Sound like a solution your SAP customers might be interested in? It is. But don’t sign up and start selling just yet—there’s still one more great incentive you and your customers will definitely want to know about.

Grow YOUR business with Novell’s 90-day introductory promotion.

Face it; customers love great deals, and as a Reseller, you probably do, too. So, to encourage businesses to take advantage of this agreement’s benefits, SAP and Novell are offering an exclusive, 90-day introductory promotion including:

  • 50% upgrade discount for current SAP and SUSE Linux Enterprise customers with Standard or Basic Support for servers running SAP workloads. (Applies to first year only; after that, renewals at regular Novell pricing.)
  • 15% discount for current SAP customers and new SUSE Linux Enterprise Server customers. (Again, applies to first year only; after that, renewals at regular SAP pricing.)

The only limitation is that zSeries deployments are currently excluded from the 90-day discount offers.

Additional resources.

Even without the discounts, this is a powerful new solution that your customers will want to know more about, so Novell has made it extra-easy for you to help them do exactly that.

Just visit:

There you’ll find an expanded overview, a downloadable flyer in PDF format, FAQs and lots of other great information about SUSE Linux Enterprise Priority Support for SAP Applications that you can review and/or share.

Check ’em out. Your SAP-application-running customers (along with your Reseller business) will start seeing the benefits right away.

Isn’t it great when everybody wins?

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