Novell SUSE Appliance Program- Shorten The Sales Cycle and Extend Applications to the Cloud!


We are excited to announce that Novell has launched the SUSE Appliance Program, a complete business and technical initiative that enables Independent Software Vendors (ISVs), to quickly build, test and go-to-market with software appliances. An industry first, the SUSE Appliance Program revolutionizes the way software is packaged and developed, offering new market and revenue opportunities.

Software appliances provide a competitive advantage in today’s marketplace by:

  • Integrating a pre-configured combination of an application and an operating system into a single image
  • Reducing complex installation into simple steps – download, copy, boot
  • Offering customers faster time to value and smaller up front investment
  • Extending across multiple platforms and architectures – and even to the cloud!

Supported by market leaders like Adobe to Zmanda – with many more in between, this program demonstrates the significant momentum of software appliances across the industry.

With benefits including access to leading-edge products, development and technical support, and go-to-market resources, the SUSE Appliance Program gets ISVs plugged in.

To learn more about our market leading initiative that is reshaping the industry, please visit:

With the SUSE Appliance Program from Novell, it has never been easier to build appliances!

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