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Move IT: Migrating to Novell Open Enterprise 2 (Linux)


The following information will help you develop a comprehensive understanding of Open Enterprise Server 2 and equip you to serve the needs of our customers. The materials that are listed here are also available at the upgrade website beginning April 28th, and subscribe to this page for for notifications of updates regarding new materials that we will be posting throughout the year.

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Novell Open Enterprise Server 2 Upgrade Assurance Program (April 2009)
In this recorded webcast, Product Marketing Manager Sophia Germanides, shares the details of this Upgrade program with you to help you engage with our customers in their efforts to upgrade their NetWare services platforms to Novell Open Enterprise Server 2.
View the Webcast

CEO Message to NetWare Customers

Whiteboard Academies:

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OES2 Documentation Website
Competitive Brief
Upgrade vs. Migrate White Paper
Gartner Upgrade vs. Migrate Research Note
Move IT Sales Deck
NetWare Lifecycle FAQ
Move IT Teleweb “Cheat Sheet”

Online Training:

May 19th 2009 Register Now (EMEA)
May 20th 2009 Register Now (EMEA)
May 21st 2009 Register Now (Americas)
May 22nd 2009 Register Now (Americas)

June 9th 2009 Register Now (EMEA)
June 10th 2009 Register Now (EMEA)
June 11th 2009 Register Now (Americas)
June 12th 2009 Register Now (Americas)

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