PROBLEM: NCL not integrated with linux login

ENVIRONMENT: NLD 9 sp3, NCL 1.1 and Pam_script 0.1.7

SOLUTION: after completing the steps in this article:, you can get LDAP to pass info to NCL and perform a simultaneous login to netware.

After downloading and compiling PAM_script from, you will have to copy the file “” to /etc/security, then edit /etc/pam.d/sshd and add these two lines before the first line in each section of sshd:

auth     required expose=1
session  required

Then you need to create three scripts:


I have included the sample scripts.

Make sure to mark them executable.

This should do it. All that is left is to get NOVFSD to work with pam_mount and we can get roaming users.


#Lookup the FQN for the user and strip out the context
CONTEXT=`ldapsearch -x cn=${USER} objectclass=dn | grep ^dn | sed -e "s/^dn: cn=${USER},//" -e "s/ou=//g" -e "s/o=//g" -e "s/,/./g"`
/opt/novell/ncl/bin/nwlogin -t TREE -s ServerIP -u $USER -c $CONTEXT -p $PAM_AUTHTOK -r > /home/${USER}/.nw
chmod 600 /home/${USER}/.nw
exit 0

sh /home/${USER}/.nw
rm /home/${USER}/.nw
exit 0

/opt/novell/ncl/bin/nwlogout -t TREE
exit 0
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