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No more "hurry up and wait" with SAP HANA deployments in the Public Cloud


Recently I was returning from an international business trip, and got a pleasant surprise when I got off of the plane at New York’s JFK airport. There was an airline agent waiting to give me an “Express Connection” pass. Now if you’ve never been to JFK, let me tell you it is one big, busy airport. The Express Connection gives you the ability to skip the very long Global Entry line and go right to the front of the even longer general immigration check point. Later I could use it to go through a much shorter, dedicated Express Connection security checkpoint and have plenty of time to get lunch and relax before for my connecting flight. There was just one problem. After speeding through immigration, for some unexplained reason it took over 20 minutes for my checked bag to arrive in the customs hall. All of that rushing ahead only to have to wait before I could move on.

I’m sure this is what a lot of business lines go through. They’ve got a great new service to deliver that will attract new customers and drive additional sales. The developers have written and tested the application in record time. But now that it’s time to roll out the service, there’s no IT system capacity in available. Who knew this opportunity would present itself, so even if there’s capital funding available for new hardware and software it’s still going to take weeks or months to procure and set everything up.

Since the IT team doesn’t always happen to have spare server capacity lying around, delivering SAP services in the public cloud is a great way to meet line of business expectations for fast service delivery. SAP knows this and it’s why they designed SAP HANA and SAP S/4HANA to be run on premise, in public and private clouds or in a hybrid approach. It’s also why they partnered with SUSE and major public cloud providers like Amazon, Google, IBM and Microsoft to make it possible to very quickly deploy SAP HANA and applications on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications.

Pre-built images for the public cloud make near-instant deployment of SAP systems possible. The wizards for configuration and installation of the SAP software stack with high availability and data security are all delivered with SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications in the cloud just as they are on premise. So is the Page Cache Management feature to prioritize SAP NetWeaver application performance over the performance of the Linux filesystem. And if there’s a system failure in the cloud, SUSE provides best practices tips to set up automatically failover to a backup system and quickly recover your SAP HANA data.

So you get all the reliability, performance and ease of deployment of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications in the public cloud. What more could you want? Well you might want to make sure any nasty Linux security vulnerabilities don’t force you to restart your SAP systems by deploying SUSE Linux Enterprise Live Patching. After all it’s the only one SAP has validated for live kernel patching of SAP HANA systems. You might also want to, I don’t know, manage your cloud systems just like you do your on premise systems. SUSE Manager has the flexibility to manage your total SAP system environment to be sure configurations are correct, any updates are identified and delivered to the right systems, and that problems are quickly identified and fixed. Yes, it also runs in the public cloud but check with your cloud provider to make sure SUSE Manager is available.

Now you just need to choose a provider that meets your needs. Amazon offers the AWS X1 instance which is purpose-built to meet the demands of SAP HANA in-memory workloads in an elastic cloud offering. With Amazon you can set up an on-demand account or bring your own subscription (BYOS). The great thing about BYOS is that a customer with a valid subscription on any Cloud Service Provider (CSP) validated by SAP can use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications on another CSP’s platform. The Microsoft Azure Large installation is a purpose-built platform for both traditional transaction processing (OLTP) and analytics (OLAP) production environments, and you can bring your own subscription. Google Compute Platform also gives customers the option of on-demand or BYOS with images for SAP workloads. And soon IBM will have a subscription option for deploying SAP HANA and other SAP solutions on the IBM Cloud. No matter which you choose, you have the flexibility to change your mind to another provider or run on premise and get the same great features and ease of deployment.

Visit our public cloud webpages to learn more about all that SUSE has to offer for public cloud deployments of SAP applications.

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