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New Year; New Support Help Desk; Same Exceptional Support Team


Support from an Exceptional Team Makes the Difference

The New Year brings some exciting new changes to SUSE Support.  We are making some subtle but important changes to the SUSE Help Desk.  This new Help Desk will provide some noted improvements in the way you interact with us.

These changes include:

  • Addition of a ReferenceID:
    • All email communications will require the inclusion of the ReferenceID. The ReferenceID will be included in our automated updates to you. But we also ask that you include the RefereceID in your emails to us.
    • Please add the Reference ID to both the subject and the body of the email. An example: ref:_00D1igLOd._5001iIwO8S:ref
  • New Email address:
  • New Case numbers:
    • Subject lines will no longer reference SRs (for example, SR 101973409281). Instead, they will reference Support Case Numbers (for example, support case 00145482).

What’s Not Changing?

There are two important things that are not changing.

First, we will continue to use the same applications to provide Chat, Remote Support, Survey and FTP services.  These are all delivered through our enhanced Portal:   SUSE Customer Center.   If you are a Premium Support Services customer, we encourage you to contact your Services Delivery Manager directly and they will ensure a seamless transition for you.

Second, and most importantly, our exceptional team of open-source solution experts is always here for you.  With SUSE Support by your side, you can confidently accelerate adoption and management of your enterprise-grade open source solutions with a global partner that is always on, experienced and treats you like family.

Whether you are implementing SUSE solutions for the first time or expanding your IT infrastructure to meet the needs of the digital economy, our holistic approach will ensure you will get the most of your software solutions.

Need Help Navigating these Support Changes?

If you encounter any issues, please do not hesitate to contact the team via the usual channels in our SUSE Technical Support Handbook or SCC User Guide. We look forward to working closely with you as we continue to improve our Support processes.



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