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New SUSE Solution Template for Simplified Deployment of SAP on Azure M-Series VMs


New M-Series Certification for SAP on Azure

Big news today leading up to SAPPHIRE! Customers moving their SAP environments to the cloud can now rely on Microsoft Azure’s M-series virtual machines to run their SAP HANA workloads in a number of different configurations. The M-series VMs have been around since December 2017 and are powered by up to 128vCPUs and 4TB of RAM per single VM. The announcement of certification by SAP addresses a broad segment of the SAP landscape and will enable customers immediately to run highly scalable SAP environments on Azure.

Simplifying Deployment with a SUSE Solution Template

If you think that’s exciting – how about this new jointly engineered solution! Over the past few months, SUSE and Microsoft have been collaborating closely to deliver a “T-shirt sized” solution template that will simplify the infrastructure deployment for your SAP workloads on Azure. The template, based on Microsoft’s SAP reference architecture on SUSE, creates the infrastructure in Azure to deploy SAP Netweaver and SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications premium images in just a few clicks. View the solution template here and watch the video below to see it in action.

Learn How to Deploy in this Launch Video

The solution templates are designed to simplify and automate the creation of the required infrastructure for deploying SAP Netweaver and SAP HANA on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server for SAP Applications premium images in Azure. The templates will create:

  • Several virtual machines
  • Virtual network and subnet
  • Several disks depending on the solution sizes
  • Availability Sets and load balancer if High-Availablity (HA) is selected



  • Please be aware that the templates require a large volume of resources, therefore an increase of your subscription quota may be necessary
  • The Demo and Small sizes are for non-production, the Medium and Large will use certified virtual machine types for production

Azure Write Accelerator: New Azure Enhancement for SAP HANA Performance

Additionally, Microsoft has announced new functionality that further enhances performance on the m-series VMs for your hungry database workloads. Microsoft has invested into features exclusive to the m-series that can accelerate your database system performance with optimizations for critical write I/O. The new functionality, Azure Write Accelerator, can be enabled as you deploy the SUSE solution template as well in the Azure Resource Manager. According to Microsoft, the technology has been proven to accelerate performance for critical, transactional log writes that require sub-millisecond latency. In the demo video from Claudia del Hierro you’ll see it reduced the write time by more than half for a sample SAP HANA workload!

Important notes regarding what SAP has certified from from the Microsoft announcement blog

For exact scenario descriptions, please refer to SAP’s Certified IaaS Platforms webpage. The entries for M-series are expected to be published by SAP in the next few days. Currently, M-series SAP HANA certification is limited to scale-up scenario, with scale-out certification actively underway. For SAP sizing information using these different M-series VM types, check SAP Note #1928533 – SAP Applications on Azure: Supported Products and Azure VM types (SAP login required). In addition to certification, we have conducted SAP benchmarks that reinforce and document the impressive performance of our M-series VMs for SAP workloads that rely upon SAP HANA.

VM type


Memory in GiB

SAP HANA workload

















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