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Why a new SUSE Partner Software Catalog?


On November, 21, SUSE relaunched the newly designed and implemented SUSE Partner Software Catalog (PSC). What exactly was the reason for this brand new and improved catalog?

Besides the fact that the old SUSE Partner Software Catalog needed a technical and design overhaul, the core argument for the relaunch of our new catalog is the improved usability and the augmented collection of information the brand new PSC offers to our end users, i.e. customers, partners, the sales force and other stakeholders.

First, the presentation of the data: the search results are arranged in a clear order beginning with the product name and short description followed by the partner name, the supported platforms and architectures.

But the most important and fantastic new feature of the catalog is visible if you look at the little field “Ver.” at the far right of each search result. Behind the (optional) black triangle, that allows you to show more information, a list of all available versions of a specific product is hidden and can be activated by clicking on the little black arrow. What does that imply? Yes, the complete catalog data are rearranged in the way that we have got a main product displayed in the search result and all product versions are sub-ordered under that product. By clicking on the product name you get all available versions listed below the general product description, by clicking on the version names in the twistie you will be redirected to the explicit version of that product with a lot of details about platforms, architectures, compatibilities, etc.

Finally the new filter options on the left hand side: next to the product search and the partner search the filters for platforms, architectures, categories, regions and languages are displayed in a clearly arranged order, easy to expand and collapse and in an appealing style.

Watch out for the next PSC blog to learn more about new implemented catalog features next week.


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