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New horizons for SUSE and Elektrobit partnership in automotive


The automotive industry, one of the fastest-changing industries in the world, gathers a lot of attention these days – cars have come a long way from being just a means of transportation. Today we talk not only about a high-speed, comfortable ride, precise navigation system, infotainment and roadside assistance, but we expect our cars to be smart and truly connected vehicles.  We have come to expect a range of on-demand services (tailored to our preferences), advanced infotainment and computer-guided driving assistance to be available in our cars. Such evolution is possible only with rapid adoption and integration of advanced software that turns cars into extensions of our work or living space.

The automotive software market is expected to reach $37 billion by 2025, with a CAGR of 17% between 2019 and 2025[1].

SUSE and Elektrobit, two leading European technology companies, in 2020 combined their expertise in enterprise-grade software and software for automotive to work on EB corbos Linux – a purpose-built packaged embedded Linux solution for car manufacturers.

A versatile and robust operating system helps to compress product development cycles and reduce time to value. It enables OEMs to focus on how to differentiate their vehicles vs spending time on the platform required to deliver safety and reliability. EB corbos Linux powered by SUSE shares its codebase with SUSE Linux Enterprise, a well-established automotive industry OS, helping autonomous driving gain momentum and facilitating the expansion of the entire ecosystem. By combining unmatched security, computing power, and the strengths of open source development, EB corbos Linux is a scalable, secure and reliable foundation for intelligent, real-time and data-driven decisions.  It addresses the requirements for security, flexibility and interoperability, connecting with proven E/E components and operating just as effectively with future technologies.

After a successful collaboration in Europe, we are expanding our international reach, and today we have announced our support for the Greater China market.


There are many reasons to choose EB corbos Linux:-


  1. A flexible and reliable operating system based on SUSE Linux Enterprise – a proven and one of the most widely used Linux systems in most demanding environments worldwide. SUSE is trusted by world-leading enterprises to run supercomputers as well as demanding workloads such as AI/ML, data analytics, data processing and enterprise applications, such as ERP. EB corbos Linux offers interoperability with various automotive and back-end systems, simplifying and accelerating the development of vehicles, vehicle applications and tailored on-demand services
  2. Elektrobit and SUSE teamed up to build a small footprint and yet powerful automotive OS which withstands cybersecurity and malicious software attacks and ensures compliance with state and local government safety regulations. The automotive OS further comes with a hardened security system with advanced methods for collecting, processing, managing and storing data that will power the required systems to make autonomous driving a reality.
  3. By bringing together the best features of SUSE Linux Enterprise Server and the capabilities of the SUSE Linux Enterprise Real Time kernel EB corbos Linux provides automotive OEMs with high availability and reduced latency while increasing the predictability and reliability of time-sensitive and mission-critical applications. As a result, auto manufacturers get the connectivity, reliability and speed required to take autonomous driving to the next level.
  4. EB corbos Linux has over 15-year product lifecycle support from SUSE so your system stays secure for the lifetime of the vehicle. It inherits the benefits of open source, thus it has an always up-to-date code-base, latest emerging technologies. EB corbos Linux helps to jump-start innovative advancements, making driving automation a reality much faster
  5. Local support. Both Elektrobit and SUSE have local sales and engineering teams to engage with OEMs in China and the Asia Pacific in order to deliver the operating system, customized for the requirements of each vehicle manufacturer.


As car manufacturers strive to develop the right software architecture for the new software-defined vehicle domain, the joint solution from Elektrobit and SUSE provides all the necessary functionality as well as safety and secured features to make this a reality.



About SUSE in the Automotive Industry

Arriving in 1992 as the first enterprise Linux distribution to go to market, SUSE has a long-standing heritage of delivering rock-solid Linux infrastructure to the enterprise.  SUSE has supported the automotive industry with its hardened enterprise Linux solutions since 2008. Currently, 12 of the 15 largest automotive vendors run SUSE solutions.

SUSE’s approach to open-source technology—whether it be in the data center, cloud or embedded system development—ensures a truly open environment. SUSE’s open source philosophy is based on a customer-centric approach that eliminates vendor lock-in, keeping options open and costs predictably low.

About EB

Founded in 1988, and now a wholly owned subsidiary of Continental AG (one of the largest multinational automotive parts manufacturing companies), Elektrobit provides the automobile industry with embedded and connected software products and services. Already powering over 1 billion devices in more than 100 million vehicles, their pioneering solutions support connected car infrastructures, human machine interface technologies, driver assistance, electronic control units and software engineering services. Their customers include world-renowned brands such as Audi, BMW, Ford, Mercedes, Tesla and VW, helping these companies deliver compelling, software-based experiences for end-users.



[1]  “Automotive Software Market” by MARKETSandMARKETS, May 2020


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