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New Exam Provider For SUSE Certifications


Our SUSE Certification Program offers industry-leading certifications and exams that are globally recognized. High-stakes assessments are vital, so it is important to always look for ways to improve the overall experience for the certification candidate. We have begun transitioning all of our exams to Questionmark. Questionmark is as full-service, enterprise-grade assessment platform, which enables high-stakes exams and assessments to be conducted remotely and securely.

Questionmark will allow us greater flexibility and more in-depth question types, along with an improved release cycle. This allows us to improve the speed we are able to release new exams to you. It also allows for on-site proctoring.

We have launched with Questionmark on the 19th of October. Between now and the 30th of November, we will have a short transition phase, where both providers (PSI and Questionmark) will be operating at the same time. After the 30th of November, you will only be able to book exams with Questionmark.

If you have exams scheduled with PSI, we will honor those appointments and exams. However, all NEW exams will only be released through Questionmark after the 19th of October.

**For questions about courses to help you prepare for your exams, please see here. To schedule your next exam, please see here.


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