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New Challenges Require New Thinking


As has been said before, these are trying times we live in. We are being challenged as individuals, families and companies. And if you have been keeping an eye on this space, you’ve noticed that SUSE – as a company and as individual employees wherever we are – have been doing our best to find ways to help. To help our customers, our partners and our friends and co-developers in open source. To help the medical manufacturing industry and the healthcare community they serve. To help our neighbors around the world.

The global COVID-19 pandemic has created or uncovered many problems that can be mitigated or even solved with the right technology deployed in the right way. New challenges (and we are all certainly seeing our share of those, wherever we live) require new solutions and new ways of thinking. So we’re doing our best to help you find new ways to solve emerging (and sometimes long-standing) business issues.

Please allow me to recap some of the problem-solving initiatives we have undertaken so far.

  • First, SUSE is offering free operating system and container technologies to medical device manufacturers fighting COVID-19. We are offering free services such as support and maintenance for our operating system and container technologies to be embedded in and run their medical devices. These SUSE solutions are available immediately to help speed time to market for device manufacturers. You can read more here.
  • Next, we announced our Accelerate Innovation offer to help businesses fast-track their digital transformation. The Accelerate Innovation offer provides a complete technology stack delivered in a flexible, modular architecture. It lets you build exactly the application environment you need for private, public and multi-cloud implementations. It runs through September 15 and is free for anyone who registers. You can learn about the offer more here.
  • Then we introduced the SUSE Home Office Workplace to help companies meet the exploding challenge of providing employees in their home offices with secure and reliable access to their business-critical applications. Hardware bottlenecks, limited budgets and enormous time pressure make the implementation of emergency plans more difficult in many organizations. The SUSE Home Office Workplace is a cost-effective business continuity solution that can be implemented quickly and easily. More information is available here.
  • We also announced free access to SUSE online training to support IT staff working from home and those who are taking advantage of our problem-solving initiatives. Work-from-home mandates due to COVID-19 are making it difficult for IT data center and cloud professionals to keep their technology skills up to date. And those who take advantage of SUSE’s Accelerate Innovation offer may need training on the leading technologies involved. So SUSE is now making available course content from select, existing training videos on the SUSE Technical Training YouTube channel. Details can be found here.
  • Most recently, SUSE is helping customers maintain their SUSE Linux Enterprise 12 Service Pack 4 and SUSE Manager 3.2 environments beyond the scheduled end of general support on June 20. With the pandemic disruption, customers are evaluating their business priorities in an effort to continue to provide their goods and services to their customers. SUSE recognizes this disruption and wants to free up any resources focused on these migration efforts, so we have extended the support period by 90 days free of charge. Additional information is available here.

There has been fantastic interest in these initiatives so far with, for instance, many thousands of new viewers having embraced the free online training resources. SUSE is here to help, and we are not done yet. We appreciate your support and input to as we all do our best to meet the challenges of the day and prepare for a prosperous future.

Meanwhile, we are pleased to invite you to join thousands of enterprise software users and industry watchers at SUSECON Digital, starting May 20. You’ll meet and hear from technology experts and industry visionaries from SUSE and our partners. It’s an online event that is not to be missed. Register for free today.


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