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New Certification Testing for SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8


SUSE has added new OpenStack certification testing into both the SUSE Ready program and to the SUSE YES program.  These new additions allow hardware and software partners  to validate that SUSE OpenStack is operating properly when combined with their solution. Customers can be assured that a particular partner solution works with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8.

Certification Program Introduction

In case you aren’t familiar with these programs, the SUSE Ready program  is for independent software vendors and the SUSE YES program is for independent hardware vendors.  Each program has a catalog of solutions that are qualified with the various SUSE offerings.  This makes it simple for customers to see what partner solutions work with SUSE OpenStack and other SUSE offerings.


The hardware and software qualification are self-certification tests run by the partner but SUSE reviews the results. So you can be confident that partner solutions work with SUSE products and have been verified.

What are new testing extensions for the Ready and YES programs?

SUSE is very much committed to using OpenStack community tools.  The new testing extensions are using the community-based testing tools  which the Openstack projects Tempest and Rally provide.  Tempest is the official OpenStack test suite that runs integration tests against an OpenStack cloud to validate its health.  Rally is a bench marking tool which allows you to put a load on an OpenStack cloud.  These tools validate the OpenStack deployment and our partner’s integration.

SUSE Ready or YES certification for  Cloud 8  both require successful Tempest testing. The YES test kit also adds a system load to the configuration using OpenStack Rally tests for an added system check.

The new extensions for the SUSE Ready and YES programs are now available for Cloud 8.  Whether you are a partner or customer, this change will provide further assurance that partner solutions are operating properly with SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8.

The blogs below provide additional details about the YES program extensions for Cloud 8 and information about the Ready program.  Stay tuned for future blogs about new features in SUSE OpenStack Cloud 8.

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