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How to Run Internet Explorer on SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop from Novell

Is your desktop migration to Novell SLED 10 being hampered because users need to access web sites or internal web applications that have Internet Explorer dependencies? This has been the case for some of our Desktop Multiplier for SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop customers. So, how did they get around the requirement? By using the free, Open Source IEs4Linux installation scripts. One quick installation script and you’re done! IEs4Linux requires that the “Cabextract” and “WINE” packages be installed on the machine.

When running the IEs4Linux installation script, it downloads versions of Internet Explorer from and installs them. Once IEs4Linux is installed, your users can run Internet Explorer 6, 5.5 and 5 directly on their SUSE Linux desktops. Support for IE 7 is also available separately. No more problems accessing web sites that have Microsoft Internet Explorer dependencies. An additional bonus is that IEs4Linux installs and lets you run Adobe Flash 9 which is otherwise unavailable on Linux.

Do you have other “Windows application” dependencies that you need help solving? Go to Omni’s Contact Us page and submit your requirements. Omni Technology Solutions Inc. would be pleased to help you find a solution for your Microsoft Windows application dependency challenges on Linux and explore how you can leverage our Multiplied Linux Desktop strategy to drive more value out of your fixed IT budgets.

More information about Wine and IEs4Linux:

Configuration Instructions for SLED 10 from Novell

NOTE: Please see these legal notices (
before using IEs4Linux.

Step 1 – Add the Wine repository and package:

rpm –import
rug sa
“Wine Repository”
rug sub “Wine Repository”
rug install wine

Step 2 – Insure cabextract is installed:

rug install cabextract

NOTE: cabextract is usually installed by default, it may return a message which states it is already installed or no new version is available.

Step 3 – Download and run IEs4Linux:

tar zxvf ies4linux-latest.tar.gz
cd ies4linux-*

More information about the Linux Desktop Multiplier for Novell SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop:

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