PROBLEM: I recently bought a SPCA based webcam, is there a driver? If so, where to download it and install it?

SOLUTION: Well, you’re in luck. There are drivers for all SPCA based webcams. Simply go to:

Follow the steps below to compile and install your webcam driver.

If you’re not sure if your webcam is a SPCA, check here:

Happy webcamming!


  1. Decompress it with ark or any decompression software you wish to use.
  2. Open up you konsole (console).
  3. Change your directory to the one where you unzipped the files.
  4. Type make into the command prompt.
  5. After type sudo make install into the command prompt.
  6. Reboot your system.
  7. Insert webcam.
  8. You’re done!

Root priviledges

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